The Butterflies of Caucasus and Transcaucasia

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The Butterflies of Caucasus and Transcaucasia

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2013 Vadim TSHIKOLOVETS, Yuri NEKRUTENKO Tshikolovets Publications The Butterflies of Palaearctic Asia Series Vol. 9

The Butterflies of Caucasus and Transcaucasia consists of two parts. The first part is written by Vadim Tshikolovets and dedicated to the memory of Yuri Nekrutenko. The second part: "Geography" and "History: persons, travels, collections and publications" is written by Yuri Nekrutenko. This is the first illustrated comprehensive reference book to all butterfly and skipper species known to occur in Caucasus and Transcaucasia, a territory situated at the border of Eastern Europe and North-Western Asia, it covers Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and S. Russia. All species are figured in colour (about 2500 images, including many type specimens from famous Russian and European museums). Many type specimens are figured for the first time. Five colour plates and the dust jacket represent landscapes and photos of butterflies in nature. The Butterflies of Caucasus and Transcaucasia includes information on distribution, habitats, flight period, complete synonymy, type material, distribution maps of 302 species (more than 850 species and genus group taxa). The bibliography section consists of 772 entries.

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423 pages

Description des espèces, dessins en couleur, cartes géographiques, distributions géographiques dans le texte, couverture cartonnée
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