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Any type of tool can be cataloged there, whether physical or virtual: field guides, atlases, floras, scientific articles, monographs, books, websites, blogs, forums, etc.

Our particularly efficient search module makes it possible to quickly find any tool according to the chosen criteria: taxonomic group, geographical area and type of entry, possibly combined with the free-text search field.

NADABA is participatory. The users who create an account are able to encode tools and to manage their own library as well as personal lists such as wishlists and lists by geographical area.


NADABA is aimed at naturalists and scientists who seek to identify and locate fauna and flora and who want to share the referencing of tools for identifying and locating fauna and flora. NADABA is also aimed at any amateur who is looking for a book or a website to begin to discover and learn about nature close to home or during a trip.

Most field naturalists are amateurs. Their experience, which sometimes spans several decades, can lead to very specialized knowledge. They often have a very good ability to read and understand certain scientific publications.

Scientists, for their part, need field naturalists for data collection and have an interest in making their publications known to as many people as possible so that naturalists can refine their observations.

This interdependence is perfectly embodied in participatory websites aimed at encoding naturalist data, generally created by scientists and filled with observations by amateurs, who therefore find themselves in the need of ever more knowledge about taxonomic groups and places that they explore.

NADABA is the first cataloging site that offers a bridge between amateurs and professionals by cataloging both general public and scientific references.

In addition to works for the general public, there are certainly hundreds of thousands of scientific publications that will have their place in NADABA. They will fill the need for in-depth knowledge of naturalists in the field.


NADABA is a cataloging site and is not a sale site.

NADABA deals only with wild spontaneous species and subspontaneous, adventitious or invasive species, whose reproduction occurs in nature without human control. Items concerning animal and plant species and varieties bred or cultivated by humans for food or pleasure are therefore excluded, such as those dealing with varieties of horticultural and agricultural plants or animal breeds.

NADABA was created by Jean-François Olivier, Belgian naturalist, member of the Royal Belgian Botanical Society and of the ”Association pour l’Etude de la Floristique” (AEF, association for the study of floristics), and active on participatory science sites such as Observations.org and iNaturalist.org. He created NADABA because he couldn’t easily find references of tools allowing the identification and location of animal and plant species.

661 Items

111 Taxonomic Groups

642 Areas

1017 Authors