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NADABA collects and publishes referential data (hereinafter referred to as "item") via the Internet. It is a social cataloging site.
NADABA is not a sales site.
These general Terms and Conditions of use (T&Cs) may be modified without notice. Users will be informed of any modification and must accept the new T&Cs before being able to continue their activity on the site.

DEFINITIONS (these definitions are valid throughout the site)
- “NADABA” and “the site” are understood in the broadest sense: the creator, the owner, the administrator, the validator, the moderator, the brand, the site, the application

- “visitor”: a visitor, not logged in
- “user”: a private user (physical person), holder of an account and logged in
- “use”: the use, by a logged-in user, of any functionality of the site
- “item”: reference of a physical or virtual tool to identify or locate the fauna and flora.
- “account”: private NADABA account created by a user
- “T&Cs”: these general Terms and Conditions of use

The visitor has the right to visit the site, search and consult the data without performing any interaction. A non-logged-in account holder is a visitor. The visitor has the right to create an account.

- Internet users wishing to use the more advanced features of the site must create an account by completing a form.
- The account will be created if and only if the user has checked the box “I accept the general conditions of use of the NADABA site”. If the said box is not checked, the account cannot be created.
- Users have the right to define an alias. However, it is advisable for users active on citizen science sites, blogs or forums to display their true identity, so as to allow other users to recognise the same user accross different sites, blogs and forums.
- Users have the right to visit the site and to perform all the proposed interactions.
- Users can, among other things:
    • encode items with or without input of photographs
    • create and manage their library
    • create and manage lists
- Users have the right, in their profile, for certain data, to make them public or not.
- A user cannot be a commercial entity. Any commercial user will be suspended without notice.
- The administrator has access to the entire profile and data of each user.

- The use of the site is consented in accordance with these T&Cs
- Any entry or message that is illegal, violent, racist, outrageous, sexual, sexist or generally unrespectful of the person or inciting dangerous and illegal behaviour (non-limitative list) is strictly prohibited and will be eliminated as soon as possible by the site administrator. A user responsible for such publication may be prohibited from publishing in NADABA and from using the site. Under no circumstances is NADABA responsible for the publication of such content..
- Users are encouraged to report any inappropriate content.

- The item has been encoded by a user
- Items constitute the essential part of the NADABA database
- The encoding of items by users is voluntary and free of charge. Under no circumstances may users claim a right to compensation for any activity on the site.
- NADABA is under no circumstances responsible for the content of the items.
- Users can themselves modify, improve and complete items that they have encoded themselves in NADABA, until the item is validated by the NADABA validator.
- NADABA has the right to modify, improve, complete and delete items encoded by users.
- All items entered by users are accessible to all NADABA visitors.
- If users wish certain modifications which are not possible via the interface, they should contact info@nadaba.be.
- NADABA limits items exclusively to tools allowing the identification or localization of fauna and flora. Non-compliant items may be discarded.
- The deletion of an item can only be done with the agreement of NADABA.
- If a user encodes too many incorrect items, NADABA will ask the user to improve their participation. Clear explanations on the functioning and objectives of NADABA will be provided.
- NADABA may suspend a user's account in the event of abuse and inappropriate participation in the site.
- NADABA offers the possibility to rate items.
- If an item includes an image representing a person, said person must have given their consent to the user for the publication of said image.