All the Birds of the World

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All the Birds of the World

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2020 Josep DEL HOYO Lynx Edicions

For the first time ever, you can contemplate All the Birds of the World together in a single easy-to-use, fully illustrated volume. Created for a broad public, from novice birders to expert ornithologists and anyone interested in the spectacular diversity of birds, this book has something for everyone.Presents every taxon accepted as a species by any of the four major world lists: 11,524 in total.20,865 illustrations covering sexual dimorphism, morphs and many distinctive subspecies.11,558 distribution maps, with notes on altitudinal ranges.All 3313 one-country endemic species marked.IUCN/BirdLife International conservation status given.Taxonomic treatment by the four major world lists indicated and compared for each species.Nomenclatural discrepancies explained.All English and scientific names from eBird included.QR codes for instant access to videos, photos and sound recordings, species-by-species.Checkboxes for personal record-keeping.All species known to have become extinct since the year 1500 presented separately in their own appendix.A 37-page world atlas of colour reference maps, with relevant details of interest to birders and ornithologists.The easiest and most enjoyable way to browse through all the birds of the world.

Oiseaux (Aves)

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968 pages
11524 espèces
4.80 kg
85.00 EUR
24 × 31 cm
20865 dessins en couleur, cartes géographiques, distributions géographiques dans le texte, couverture cartonnée
ISBN : 9788416728374
Référence Nadaba : 28374


Shrikes & Bush Shrikes

Including wood-shrikes, helmet-shrikes, flycatcher-shrikes, philentomas, batises and wattle-eyes

Guide de terrain


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