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On Birdingplaces you can find thousands of great places for birdwatching in Europe and the Mediterranean. With all the info you need to go birding in the area. New areas are described and added by birdwatchers every day, including more and more birdwatching spots outside Europe. THE EASY WAY TO FIND BIRD WATCHING AREAS Birdingplaces makes it easy to find detailed birding info. Click on an area and you get a detailed description and map with everything you need to know. MADE BY AND FOR BIRDERS Birdwatchers from all over Europe share their favourite bird watching areas on Birdingplaces. This pan-European community of birders is creating a comprehensive online guide to birdwatching in Europe. Made by and for birders and free for all users.Help us to enrich the map and share your favourite birdingspots with us. Thousands of birders from all over Europe are already joining. And you will benefit yourself from all the birdingplaces other birders add on the website.

A contribution of Jean-François Olivier
Birds (Aves)
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Shrikes & Bush Shrikes

Including wood-shrikes, helmet-shrikes, flycatcher-shrikes, philentomas, batises and wattle-eyes

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