Field Guide to Butterflies of The Philippines

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Field Guide to Butterflies of The Philippines

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2017 Peter B. HARDY, James M. LAWRENCE Siri Scientific Press

All the 947 known Philippine butterfly species are listed in this book, with two-thirds of them illustrated, mostly from life (1,080 photographs, supplemented with an additional 176 photographs of museum specimens), on the 157 colour plates. These plates should permit the interested amateur naturalist to identify any of the commoner species, and indeed most of the more localised ones. The detailed introductory section discusses Philippine geography, climate, vegetation and butterfly biology, including taxonomy, life cycle, adult intraspecific variation, mimicry, biogeography and conservation. An index to scientific and vernacular names is included.

Lepidoptera (Vlinders)

Inhoud en foto's.

448 pagina's

24 x 16.5 cm
Beschrijving van de soorten, 1280 kleur foto's, zwart-wit tekeningen, paperback
Referentie Nadaba : 28495

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